27. May 2018.   •     Tamara Haddad


Rugged and wild

North Dalmatia Best Adventures sum up all the cultural highlights of the Adriatic. While traveling along you will encounter some of Europe’s most divine pristine nature. The area of North Dalmatia stretches from Kvarner Riviera down to Split. Even though this part of Dalmatia is sometimes overlooked as a holiday destination in favor of the more famous resorts and islands further along the coast. The North Dalmatian region has much to offer to visitors.

Experience North Velebit trekking

The region is embraced by the magnificent Velebit mountain range. Zadar is the heart of Northern Dalmatia, long overshadowed by its more famous southern neighbors, Split and Dubrovnik. It is an intriguing town. Most importantly it is not crowded or overrun by tourists. Consist of at least two unique attractions. The “sound-and-light spectacle”. First coming out of the Sea Organ and second from the Sun Salutation. Both worthy of seeing and hearing, to be believed. In the past several years Zadar town has become an outdoor exhibition.

Getting to North Dalmatia

How to reach the area by plane, train, bus, and ferry. Rather understandably, getting to North Dalmatia is easiest by air – with the main airport in the region being Zadar Airport. Depending on what your final destination is, you could also fly to Split and then travel northwards to this region. If you’re getting to North Dalmatia through other means, it is still best to head to Zadar first and then make the journey to your final destination accordingly.

Zadar by night

North Dalmatia Best Adventures

Compact and easily explored, Northern Dalmatia presents a greater concentration of the highlights of Adriatic travel than almost any other part of Croatia. Along the coast are beautifully preserved medieval towns poised above some of the clearest waters in Europe, while offshore are myriad islands adorned with ancient stone villages and enticing coves. With its wonderful Old Town, Zadar is a great place to visit!

Things & Activities

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