Country rich in water!

Rivers feed the country with fresh water
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Rivers feed the country with precious, always fresh and delicious water while flowing through it, like colorful bloodstream. Their beauty will charm everyone at first glance. Some of the most beautiful Croatian rivers are drinkable along their entire length.

Zrmanja river rafting experience

Zrmanja River above the big waterfall

Croatia is a country rich in water!

ZrmanjaCetinaUna, GackaMrežnica, Čikola… impressive, large, small and hidden, mountainous and wild, peaceful, lowland rivers… raftingkayaking, canyoning, standup paddling or fishing … Croatian rivers are full of life and very popular among adventurers, those who enjoy paddling, and all of those who seek peace and untouched, pure nature.

This year for the World Environment Day on the 5th June, Raftrek Adventure Travel agency is organizing a small ecological campaign under the name: “Let’s clean our drinks”

World Environment Day

The plan is to undertake a small action down Mrežnica and Zrmanja rivers with our “environment friendly” kayaks which we have specifically designed for the rivers and do not damage the river in any way.

The action is planned out to be user friendly and very simple, so anybody can join us. We will be collecting, picking, and cleaning the garbage that we find while kayaking down the rivers, transporting it and properly disposing it as it should be. Given the fact that both rivers are extremely clean, we do not expect to find enormous amounts of garbage, so the main aim is to emphasize the necessity of preserving the current state of our clean rivers!

The campaign has two objectives:

1. To promote extremely clean Croatian rivers and the awareness of preserving them.
2. To clean the small amount of garbage that, unfortunately, we do find every year due to weather conditions, wind and other impacts.

The action “country rich in water” will be documented with photographs and video.

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