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Most visitors come to Croatia in summer

When the most beautiful rivers are perfect for canoeing and kayaking. So when you plan a vacation by the sea, plan a day on the river or a mountain. For sure it will be the best you will ever have. Maybe you will come to Croatia seeking paradise, but as you kayak on travertine waterfalls interspersed with calm, crystal water, you’ll find a whole lot more. You’ll discover that this is the experience of a lifetime. While the tours on our website can serve as a model to inspire your own phenomenal trip to Croatia.

You’ll find a whole lot more

Activities Croatia ranging from rafting, river kayaking, trekking, cycling or even sea kayaking. Therefore give them all a try and book your next adventure with Raftrek Adventure travel. Rafting the rivers of Croatia is a wonderful way to experience the unspoiled Croatian interior.

Cycling Plitvice Lakes
New trip!!! E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip

Great combination of activities and nature E-cycling Plitvice Lakes week trip is a spectacular e-cycling adventure week trip that provides an ideal opportunity to experience the natural wonders and breathtaking views...

Sea kayaking and Exploring Croatia-Raftrek Adventure travel
Sea kayaking and Exploring Croatia

Croatia & Sea kayaking is a perfect match Sea kayaking and Exploring Croatia on the Adriatic Sea is quite different than the Pacific, the North Sea or the Mediterranean. It is...

Croatia Sailing-Sunset view, while sailing to Šibenik, Raftrek travel
Šibenik, Popular Destination 2018

An ancient town with a lively spirit. Šibenik Popular Destination for 2018, the town earned its place in the list among other prestigious cities primarily due to its Banj Beach. Since...

North Dalmatia Best Adventures-islands-Croatia-Raftrek-travel
North Dalmatia Best Adventures

North Dalmatia Best Adventures encompasses all the cultural highlights of Adriatic travel along with some of Europe’s most jaw-droppingly pristine nature. The area of North Dalmatia stretches from Kvarner Riviera down...

Kayaking close to Plitvice Lakes
Kayaking close to Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes National Park (colloquial Plitvice, pronounced [plîtʋitse]) is one of the oldest national parks in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Therefore, the park is added to the UNESCO World Heritage register in 1979. ...

hiking national park day trips from Zagreb-Active-holiday-hiking-Raftrek-adventure-travel
5 Great Hiking Day trips from Zagreb

Hiking national park day trips from Zagreb is all about exploring the capital of Croatia first. Famous for its cultural beauties. Often ignored as tourists make a detour for the coast. ...

Outdoor activities in Croatia
Outdoor Activities in Croatia

Most visitors come to Croatia in summer So, here is a list of Outdoor Activities in Croatia for you to choose from. While ranging from rafting, river kayaking, trekking, cycling and sea...

hiking Croatian Trails
Hiking Croatian Trails Safely

Prepare Your Travel Kit Smartly Being prepared for hiking Croatian Trails Safely can make a big difference in your travel experience. Croatia offers some of the best hiking and adventure travels in...

7 Tips For Trekking

I have decided to test out this 7 tips for trekking in hot weather conditions to ensure that you do enjoy your trip without succumbing to the heat and having...

Advanced technician – PRO course

For the second time in just one year we decided to upgrade our guide certification. This time with an ADVANCED TECHNICIAN - PRO COURSE. As you all already know what...

Zrmanja-river-kayaking-Raftrek-travel (1 of 1)-2
Zrmanja River Kayaking Video

Zrmanja River Kayaking in Croatia is easy and safe enough for beginners, but the scenery makes it also very exciting. Perfectly clear warm water, spectacular canyon ...

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