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Do you want to give your family an experience they will never forget? A Family Adventure? An increasing number of people are now looking for something different when they go away with their family. They want to do more than just laze on the beach and instead, use their time away to experience their destination in a unique way. This has seen the activity industry become a multi-billion-dollar market.

Adventure Traveling

At one time, tours and activities were considered to be the poor relation of the travel industry, but this has seen a dramatic change. Last year, 15% tried adventure travel for the first time and this is expected to rise considerably this year. Tourists say they now want to explore lesser-known places, rather than the popular, commercial destinations.


Family Adventure Traveling
Family with a child in rafting gear standing on top of travertine rock above turquoise river


Family Adventure

The great outdoors offers a fantastic playground for every family adventure. You are never too young to become active while exploring nature at the same time. Although some activities aren’t always suitable for very young children, there’s still so much they can get involved in. From seeing the world and all the different people and cultures, it gives children a great perspective on life and a fantastic self-confidence. Different things will interest individual children, so you will have to be quite flexible with the activities you choose. But, with a little planning, there is a whole world out there for you all to discover together.

Here are just some ideas of how your family can create long-lasting memories together and have an adventure of lifetime.

Family Adventure Traveling


From young children to teens, hiking is a great chance to see the sites and enjoy the world around you at your own pace. Everyone can help with navigating and map reading and along the way you can look out for the local vegetation and wildlife.


Nature parks, forests and river valleys are easy to tour on your bikes. At many destinations, there are some well-established cycling routes that are suitable for everyone. You can do day cycling trips to week long adventures on two wheels.

Rock Climbing

If you love to climb, then Croatia is the place to visit. A fantastic mountainous country which is perfect for rock climbers. Here you will find sport climbing, multi-pitch traditional routes and deep water soloing and bouldering. For older children who will listen and concentrate, this can offer a fantastic and challenging experience. Naturally, rock climbing is a high risk activity, so it is important that you take precautions by climbing only with recognized tour providers – you can start small and build up to bigger climbs as the confidence of your family grows.

Family Adventure Traveling
Rock Climbing in Paklenica

Zip Line

Why not take the family on a zip line over the canyon of the Cetina River? Zip lines can give you up to three hours of unforgettable fun while surrounded by breathtaking views. Imagine propelling yourself along the zip wire, while experiencing a birds-eye view of the natural world around you.


Zip LIne Croatia-Raftrek travel
on Cetina river in Croatia is one of most popular summer attraction in Omiš area

Raftrek Adventure Travel agency is focused on adventure tourism in Croatia. If you are ready to know Croatia from a different angle, come and see it for yourself. It is not the same as seeing it on a picture. Croatia is probably the most beautiful country in Europe. The fact that only a few people know about it, means that You should not wait long!

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