7. March 2018.   •     Kristina

The New York Times listed Croatia as a popular destination in 2017

Even though one could say this title “Croatia as a popular destination” in 2017 is old news, last year predictions, and water under the bridge. 🙂 We feel that is should be mentioned once more, and we hope that 2018 will be even better than 2017.

Croatia is located on the border of southern and central Europe. Due to its location, it will always be of interest to adventurers and travelers. Because of various influences from neighboring countries and larger powers throughout history Croatia has a rich variety of culture, dialects, and folklore. Foreigners are common and welcome. Considering there are millions of tourists coming every year to visit Croatia’s coast, islands, and continental area. Many people in Croatia speak foreign languages, most notably English. But as well as German, French, Spanish and Italian.

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View from the fortress above Novigrad, overviewing the bay and Velebit Mountain in the back

It does not surprise us, that they consider Croatia among five most popular destinations, as Croatia is a very safe country. The crime rate is low by all standard measurements, and petty crimes such as pickpocketing are just as common as, or even lower than in other Central European countries or cities. Terrorism is practically non-existent in new Croatian history. Last armed conflict ‘The Homeland war” ended decades ago and the situation now is peaceful, safe and friendly. This is a good idea whenever you travel abroad, no matter where you travel. You can find this information on this link: Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs

Why isn’t Croatia as a popular destination this year?

Croatians are known for their hospitality. They love their easy-going lifestyle and good food and are willing to share it with foreign visitors. Expect friendly and helpful people, and if you need directions or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask people on the streets. We think this is also a reason to view Croatia as a popular destination.

Adventure-sailing-Dubrovnik-Croatia-Raftrek-travel-Croatia as a popular destination
Adventure Sailing around Dubrovnik

There are no articles about visiting Croatia in 2018 as a popular destination, there is only news on avoiding the destination… Even though the country is a great vacation destination. Due to the landscape, the beaches,  and the food.

The CNN Travel lists Croatia within 12 destinations travelers might want to avoid in 2018

We love when articles write: “Don’t visit or try to avoid Croatia”. But they only mean and mention Dubrovnik. 🙂 Funny, there is so much more to Croatia, than Dubrovnik. It is a popular destination, but it is only a town in our beautiful country. We suggest to read more about other locations and not to avoid Croatia at all, just because Dubrovnik is listed.

It is the most southern point of the country. Best destinations for Adventure trips are more north. The diversity of landscapes makes it a magnificent place for all outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can find more information about specific destinations while exploring Croatia as a popular destination. And our suggested trips while there. Get to know Croatia and its diverse destinations from a different angle.

Zadar-Croatia-Raftrek-travel (1 of 1)
Zadar’s installation with the best sunset view


Zadar town is very intriguing. Most importantly it is not crowded or overrun by tourists. Consist of at least two unique attractions. The “sound-and-light spectacle”. First coming from of the Sea Organ and second from the Sun Salutation. Both worthy of seeing and hearing, to be believed. In the past several years Zadar town has become an outdoor exhibition. Hence attracting people from all demographic structures.


Skradin town small picturesque town. Situated at the doorstep of the Krka River National Park in Croatia. Just 80 kilometers from Split. This magical place is where the river joins the Adriatic Sea. Therefore, it is a pretty little riverside town. With a combination of brightly painted and bare stone houses on its main street and a ruined fortress towering above. One of the oldest Croatian settlement with the “town“ status.


The town earned its place in the list among other prestigious cities primarily due to its Banj Beach. Since it is located just five minutes away from the old city center. Where apart from a nice swim in the clean sea, you can also enjoy a magnificent view of the UNESCO-protected St. Jacob’s Cathedral. According to most media, this is “a unique cathedral in Europe”.

NP-Krka-walking-Croatia-Raftrek-travel (1 of 1)-2
Krka River National Park just 10 km from town Sibenik

And so much more, we haven’t even begun writing about the islands and the destinations there, like Korcula, Vis, Lastovo, Mljet, all the places that haven’t been “too commercialized”. So, think about visiting Croatia this year, okay maybe avoiding Dubrovnik, but give other locations a chance. Get in touch for more recommendations. See you there!


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