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Sustainable travel & Responsible tourism in Croatia

Take only memories to support Sustainable travel. Here at Raftrek Travel, we’re passionate about the places we visit. We commit to designing and operating our holidays in such a way to ensure the maximization of positive effects. Such as bringing tourism to local economies, and cultures. Whilst minimizing any negative impacts on the environment. There are many ways we work to achieve this. By participating in any of our trips, you will bring work and income to the people who are still recovering from the war. Since these are the areas severely affected by war.


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“Leave No Trace” principles on trails

Our guides are trained to minimize the impact on the environment. While supporting your experience as guests. Trip leaders practice “Leave No Trace” principles on trails. Recycle whenever possible in all the regions we travel. Where possible we donate leftover foods to various community programs. All of our trips ensure that the local people benefit as much as possible. In the form of farm products trade, new jobs and services provided.

We consider it our responsibility to devote efforts to maintain and preserve the integrity of this fledgling sector. Hereby petitioning the introduction of tighter controls over the use of the country’s natural resources. Raftrek offers new perspectives to travelers by providing more authentic holidays. Which allow the true experience of each destination.  While contributing to the well-being and preserving of those areas.


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Goats on Velebit mountain


Because of our commitment to Sustainable travel & Responsible tourism in Croatia, we lay significant emphasis on the topic. Therefore bringing a different way of tourism to less developed areas of Croatia ensuring that it contributes to the local communities. We strive to leave as little impact as possible. We believe in choosing modes of traveling that preserve nature and cultures of the places we experience.

After many years in football, he found his passion in tourism through outdoor sports and activities. He used to be a member of a rafting team, but now he likes to spend his free time kayaking, cycling, rock climbing and, in the winter, snowboarding. He is a happy and cheerful person; loves to travel, always with an optimistic spirit. His passion enriches many courses. As a student of tourism and hospitality management, he likes to learn from people and tourists around him.

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