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This Raftrek COVID-19 procedures may affect guests on scheduled departures in 2020. But if you have additional questions regarding how will the activities be conducted once you are on the trip, feel free to give us a call.

General Hygiene Guidelines

The COVID-19 pandemic has entered a new phase, travel is restarting, and travelers and companies want to operate minimizing COVID-19 contamination risk.  Therefore, We kindly ask you to follow these Raftrek COVID-19 procedures & guidelines in conjunction with local, regional, and national official recommendations.

Raftrek COVID-19 Procedures & Recommendations for all

  • Face mask is a must in enclosed environments (in vans, common rooms where social distancing is not possible). However, during the activities we don’t advise masks.
  • WE ADVISE to bring own protective mask! However, if you fail to bring your own Raftrek will provide it for an additional fee.
  • Surfaces that guests, guides and drivers come into contact with often (surfaces in the van, seats, headrests, armrests, belts, door handles, desks, toilets and other facilities) must be cleaned with appropriate disinfectant solution several times a day (max 2 hour interval, or between transfers).
  • After every use the equipment is cleaned with appropriate disinfectant solution

Face mask is a must in enclosed environments | Raftrek travel

COVID-19 Procedures for Guides or Drivers

  • A guide must wear a protective mask while meeting guests in enclosed environments.
  • A guide must encourage social distancing at all times during the tour of min. 2 m between individual guest groups.
  • If a guest is shows symptoms of COVID-19 such as: coughing, throat soreness, high temperature, pain in joints, etc., the guide is obligated to act upon according to the appropriate protocol.


  • Vehicles be provided with a sanitizer with 70% or more alcohol consistency.
  • Vehicles must be provided with a closed container for used napkins, masks, and other hygiene product disposal.
  • A single vehicle can hold up to 4 passengers / guests. However, families or groups that travel together will be in the same vehicle. * Exception: Children, up to age 12, can be seated in a vehicle closer than required distance.
  • Regularly ventilate the Passengers cabin
  • The driver must make enough stops (every 2 hours) during the transfer to ventilate the vehicle.
  • Don’t use the AC.

Seating in a van, individual guests | COVID -19 Procedures | Raftrek TravelSeating in a van, individual guests


We provide more info on our web page regarding the travel restrictions, please follow the link  Travel alert: Covid-19
Also here is a list of other resources and links that might help get a clear picture of the current situation.

Local Resources:
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