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Popular destination since ancient times

Split, the second-largest town in Croatia, is located in Central Dalmatia, and is an intra regional transport hub, linking the many islands with the coast. Split was erected by the Roman emperor Diocletian in the 4th century. Diocletian’s palace, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is still the heart of the town, and one can find shops, bars, cafes, hotels, and several houses within its white stone walls and under its courtyards and galleries. Take a stroll down the palm tree promenade – called Riva – like a local would, and enjoy a long cup of coffee in the sun.


Split town is always live

Without hiding their pride, the people of Split will tell you that their city is “the most beautiful one in the world and beyond”. You better not discuss this with them, because a well-spirited Split will convince you of this as soon as you discover it! This busy city has just the right balance of tradition and modernity. Its dramatic coastal mountains act as the perfect background to the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. You’ll get a chance to appreciate this gorgeous city line when taking a ferry journey to one of the beautiful islands.


FUN FACT: Split is home to one of the narrowest streets in the World, called “Let me pass”. You can find it behind the Sphynx in front of the Jupiter temple. And, also, you can find as many as 12 Sphynxes in Split.