Lika region is a traditional region


The Lika region is a traditional region. Roughly bound by the Velebit mountain from the southwest and the Plješevica mountain from the northeast. Meanwhile laying at the cross-roads between continental and coastal Croatia. Adorned by lakes, meadows, springs, streams, magnificent hills and mountains, this area is a beautiful, calm and pleasant destination for visitors. Lika-Senj County is a county in Croatia that includes most of the Lika region. The county is the least populated and among the least prosperous ones. But on the other hand it is the largest county in the country by area.

Lika region is a rural beautiful area

First of all, Croatia’s most famous national parks, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is located here. Also includes North Velebit National Park, both parks being the country’s major tourist attractions. Also Lika is a rural area with developing farming and livestock. Since industry is minimal and relies mostly on wood processing. The non-contamination could prove a major advantage in the near future and tourism development. Therefore an important factor is the proximity to Dalmatian summer resorts and good transport links.

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