Kastel Zegarski

perfect harmony between man and nature
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Location of Kastel Zegarski is in the heart of beautiful preserved nature. This village attracts attention and admiration of all visitors due of its history. It’s a perfect harmony between man and nature. Kastel Zegarski is a village in northern Dalmatia which lies within the administrative area of Obrovac in Zadar County, Croatia. The town recorded the highest population of 1,832 in the census of 1921. In the census of 1991, Kaštel Žegarski had 480 inhabitants. Finally today it counts 135 residents.

The trip begins in Kastel Zegarski

The village is full of damaged houses. Still not reconstructed from the war period. The Orthodox Church of Saint George, established in 1618, is located in the village. Also two rivers flow through the village. Zrmanja and Krupa are among the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Therefore if you like being outdoors and active, Zrmanja kayaking is the right choice for you. The trip begins in Kastel Zegarski, only one hour drive from Zadar. Lots of waterfalls and rapids wait for you as you continue down Zrmanja towards Muskovci village where the trip ends.

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