Central Croatia

rich in history and cultural heritage
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Central Croatia is rich in history and cultural heritage. As we call it Zagorje, is located in north-western Croatia. It offers numerous medieval castles and fortifications, churches and archaeological sites that attract visitors. There is an archaeological site nearby to town Krapina where over eight hundred fossils are found. Central Croatia is a historical-geographic region in the northwestern and central part of Croatia.

Important cultural and monumental heritage

The whole old town of Varaždin is an important cultural heritage. Completely built in the European Baroque style with its world famous park-cemetery. Furthermore, among the natural heritage it is important to mention the most stunning castle of all, the Trakošćan castle. As a result, Hrvatsko Zagorje is a region full of villages and small towns, picturesque hills, numerous vineyards, and cultural historical monuments. Finally, this area is full of thermal springs where in addition to the rich history, spas-wellness centers are built. Therefore complete with hotels, swimming pools, sports-recreation grounds, and medicinal halls.

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