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Need equipment to get outside?

Croatia outdoor gear shop has it ready for you at prices you can afford. Our local retail focuses on river and sea kayaks, with related equipment, paddles, and life vests. We also offer bicycles and Stand Up Paddle-boards, so there is always something for someone.


Call Raftrek Croatia outdoor gear shop for more information. Our team members that actually know what they’re talking about will cheerfully answer all the questions from first-timers or professionals alike. Check out Raftrek Croatia outdoor gear shop offer and feel free to contact us regarding details, prices, and deliveries.

OLD TOWN CAYUGA | Raftrek Adventure travel shop

Old Town Cayuga kayak

The Cayuga Family of sea kayaks blend the efficiency, speed and performance avid paddlers crave with the stability a novice will appreciate, at a level of comfort all will find remarkable. All of the Cayugas are designed with ample cockpit room and gear storage space. Their Stabilform hull delivers an astonishing combination of paddling efficiency, maneuverability and tracking. Whether you are a beginning recreational touring paddler or an avid touring paddler the Cayuga Family is for you.


Single Layer Super Linear Polyethylene Feature
Day hatch at front of cockpit for easy access
Ergonomic Extrasport® XtraComfort™ seat
Bow hatch and rear hatch and bulkhead for dry storage
Deck bungee for on-deck storage
Adjustable foot braces

NECKY LOOKSHA kayak | Raftrek Adventure travel shop

Kayak Necky Looksha

The Looksha easily accommodates medium to larger paddlers and all of their gear. And when stowing gear, you’ll find the bow and stern hatches are the largest hatch openings ever designed by Necky. High initial stability, excellent glide and outstanding acceleration ensure that strong currents, tides or wind chop up to four feet won’t slow you down.


Active Comfort System (ACS) seat
Comfort Fit™ adjustable thigh braces
Bow and stern hatches with the Cross Lock™ buckle system
Deck bungee
Reflective safety perimeter line
Rudder system with adjustable foot pedals


Kayak Dag Treck II

The real touring kayak, Treck II is really stable and you can use it in any swell or wind conditions. Thanks to its spacious hull, you will benefit from rear and central storage areas. It’s simple and user-friendly. For expeditions, long cruises or just a trip with friends. All our kayaks were used several times and are in good condition.
LENGTH: 4,50 m / WIDTH: 0,80 m
WEIGHT: 40 kg / HEIGHT: 0,35 m
CAPACITY: 3 person / 270 kg

Kayak-dag-tribal | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Kayak Dag Tribal

The Kayak Dag Tribal provides space for three people and it is so simple that the whole family can use it. Lightweight and easy to carry, this is a holiday boat, recommended for river adventures. Tribal kayak is an elongated version of the compact model – the concept is the same except it supports up to 3 people! All our kayaks have been used several times and are in good condition.
LENGTH: 3.90 m / WIDTH: 0.90 m
WEIGHT: 30 kg / Height: 0.30 m
CAPACITY: 3 persons

Triyak sea kayak sit-on-top-double | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Sea kayak sit-on-top double

Easy to master, great for longer trips on the sea. Comfortable for small and large paddlers, the Tri-Yak is ideal for couples, families, and friends. Always in demand because of its versatility. One can often see it carrying snorkelers, picnickers, fishermen, or those seeking a longer trek.
LENGTH: 440 cm / WIDTH: 80,6 cm
WEIGHT: 35 kg / LOAD: 300 kg
CAPACITY: 3 person

Inflatable-ROB-fin-double-kayak | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Inflatable ROB fin double kayak

The design of this inflatable boat is based on experience taken from river expeditions worldwide. Good design can´t be made in the office. When you get into the craziest situations navigated by the most experienced crew, the result is this boat design. Where every part has its reason and purpose.
LENGTH: 420 cm / WIDTH: 103 cm
WEIGHT: 18 kg
CAPACITY: 2 person

Prijon Curve whitewater kayak | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Prijon Curve whitewater kayak

The CURVE 3.0 is a fast and agile whitewater kayak with excellent buoyancy qualities. It is a fun boat for almost all “terrains”. The boat is made of HTP plastic, legendary for its strength and durability. Smaller and lighter paddlers will immediately feel at home in CURVE 2.5 thanks to its dynamics and agility.
LENGTH: 3.0-268 cm / 2.5-258 cm
WEIGHT: 3.0-21 kg / 2.5 -19 kg
VOLUME: 3.0-300 Liter / 2.5-250 L
COCKPIT: 3.0-L (86×51 cm) / 2.5- L (86×51 cm)
PADDLER WEIGHT: 3.0-75-115 kg / 2.5-60-85 kg

Paddle-for-kayak | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Kayak paddle

Classical kayak paddle with asymmetric blades. Blade material is made of highly tough polyethylene (HDPE). It’s the best high-quality paddle you can use for river kayaking, sea kayaking, fishing kayaking or easy and relaxing lake kayaking.

Inflatable-Stand-up-board | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Inflatable Stand up board

SUP is a larger surfboard. Due to the desire to travel with it. It has led to the development of an inflatable system. So you can carry the board and the pump in a backpack. Two of the greatest benefits of inflatable boards are their durability and transportability. Every board is accompanied by a fin. SUP fins help steer and provide stability to your stand up paddleboard when moving at speed. You can use it on the sea, lakes or rivers.
LENGTH: 335 cm / WIDTH: 78 cm
KICK: 18 cm / THICK: 10 cm
CAPACITY: 1 person

raftrek-Paddle-for-sup | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Paddle for SUP

Simple paddle. Therefore easy to use for stand up paddling. Whether in open sea water, riding the waves. Or on the river. Suitable also for paddle boarders with experience looking to ride the river for more than just a lazy afternoon.

Kona Lana mountain bike | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Bicycle Kona

These bikes are used. Since we use them only 4 months per year they are in good condition. We maintain them regularly. Therefore one mandatory overall service at the end of the season sums it all. Hard-tail bikes designed for cross-country riding. They have 26-inch wheels, an aluminum frame, V brakes or mechanic brake discs, 100 mm of travel, and basic-level components. We have several sizes.
SIZES: 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″.

Astral Green Jacket Raftrek

The GreenJacket

The GreenJacket represents the most innovative and comfortable rescue vest to date. Time tested by the world’s best expedition kayakers, this jacket is the top choice for river guides and expedition paddlers alike.

Intended Use: Whitewater Rescue / Sea / SUP
Entry: Pullover
Foam Insert: PVC Free Gaia®& PE Foam
Shell Fabric: 500 Denier Cordura Nylon
Liner Fabric: 200 Denier High Tenacity Nylon
Webbing: Nylon
Zipper: YKK Self Locking Vislon® Teeth
Hardware: Heavy Duty Acetal and Stainless Steel
Weight: 2.9 lbs / 46 oz / 1315.42 gr

Raftrek life jackets | Raftrek Adventure Travel Shop

Life Jacket

Raftrek Croatia outdoor gear shop offers used and new life jackets available in different sizes. Accommodating variances in body weight. Designs differ depending on wearing convenience and level of protection.

Raftrek Travel | Zrmanja T-shirt-men

Raftrek T-shirt (men)

Raftrek official Zrmanja River T-Shirts

Raftrek Travel | Zrmanja t-shirt women

Raftrek T-shirt (women)

Raftrek official Zrmanja River T-shirt

Outdoor Oprema | Raftrek Travel | Custom Buff | Raftrek Adventure Travel shop

Raftrek BUFF headband

Raftrek multifunctional headband.
Original BUFF production
Custom made

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