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The story is very simple. Davor came on one of first Croatia’s rafting trips back in 1994. And several years later he started his own company called Raftrek. His extensive experience has been gathered on world famous rivers grade IV and V. Hence the experience, it brought him an IRF (International Rafting Federation) Instructor license. Great team work took him on three World Championships and several European championships in rafting. He enjoys spending time in nature leading rafting and kayaking trips on Croatian rivers. But also he passionately enjoys mountain climbing and trekking.
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Annapurna-south, Nepal
Nepal, Good Vibes Country

When somebody says NEPAL probably your first association is Mt. Everest and other 10,000 Ft high mountains, accompanied with peaks covered with snow. ...

Bjelolasica winter hike

We planned to hike the highest peak of Bjelolasica, better yet the highest peak of Gorski Kotar region. The cold winter hike was in front of us. Days prior to...

The Lika River Sea kayaking

For years traveling to the south, I planned, combined and thought about visiting the Lika River Canyon in a kayak. But always something else came first. And so the years...

Thank you-Hvala-Raftrek Adventure travel team
A simple hello from Raftrek!

Have you ended up here by your own choice, or perhaps randomly, clicking, searching the Internet? Can you imagine yourself in a raft or a kayak running down wild rapids...

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