The heart of Croatia

Thank you for introducing the heart of Croatia to the world.

This last month was history made in its purest form. What our national football team has done for Croatia is remarkable. No amount of marketing, commercials or viral videos can even come close to what the golden boys have done for Croatia.

They took a historic path through the World Cup 2018, bringing Croatia to the finals. “Vatreni” team have won the heart of Croatia and the world. Croatia, a small country with just over 4.5 mil people has been googled, searched and cheered from all corners of the world.

Raftrek blog - The open bus with the golden boys - the heart of Croatia

The open bus with the golden boys

Since the hostile war activities ended in 1996, Croatia again became a very safe country for travelers, while a low crime rate makes it one of the safest places for visitors. Although a small country, Croatia has a rich variety of beautiful landscapes and preserved natural areas from mountains to plains, from rivers to the sea with a long and rich history.

Croatia is alive with well-preserved old towns, castles, palaces, monuments and native architecture. Together with the tradition, folklore, art scenes and music, Croatia is a unique and exotic place to discover. The industry is not big here and it has had little impact on the environment. Therefore food is mostly organically grown and drinking water is of very good quality. Even water in rivers and wells is drinkable. Friendly, fun-loving people and their easy-going lifestyle will make your stay a very pleasant one.

16th July, a day to remember

Vatreni arriving downtown-Raftrek Travel Blog

Vatreni arriving downtown

The biggest street party in Croatia’s history took place when around half a million people strolled down to the streets to celebrate the return of the World Cup silver medal champions. The open-air buses carrying the team all the way from the Zagreb airport then made its way towards downtown. Fans had lined the streets along the whole route. A trip that would usually take around 35 minutes, took the buses nearly 6 hours as fans packed the streets to get a close-up look of their heroes.

Even the rain didn’t put off fans and when the team finally arrived on the main square in downtown Zagreb, the crazy scenes got even crazier and more emotional. All that could be seen and heard was a sea of flares, flags, and chants of songs.

Raftrek Blog-The sea of flags - credits world news

The sea of flags – photo credits to The World News

Once more huge congrats to you boys, our pride, and joy. Bravo VATRENI!
Note to the rest of the world, GET TO KNOW CROATIA, come, visit and see it for yourself.
Feel the warmth, the beauty and the heart of Croatia.
Feel it all!! <3

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