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Croatia UNESCO World Heritage Sites count 10. This blog post is reserved to list them to you, one by one.
Enjoy and indulge in their beauty.

How would you describe Croatia?

If there was just one word to describe the Croatian coast, it would be diversity. Thinking about sea kayaking, sailing, cliff diving, deep water solo climbing… Each island is a world for itself. Some are naked as the moon, while others are rich with verdure. Some are uninhabited and the others bloom with life. If you wake up feeling local – find an old fisherman, ask him to take you fishing on his old boat or if you prefer solitude on the other hand just take a kayak and paddle to a small, intact islet.

Did you know Croatia is home to a total of eight National parks? That is correct. Eight places of pristine nature that showcase the magnificent diversity of biomes huddled together in this part of the world. Also, as earlier mentioned in Croatia there are 10 objects declared by UNESCO as world inheritance.

Here is the list of the Croatia UNESCO World Heritage Sites

1. Plitvice Lakes National Park (1979)
Plitvice Lakes Hiking | Raftrek Travel Croatia

Plitvice lakes Croatia

2. Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian (1979)
3. Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Center of Porec (1997)
Croatia Unesco World Heritage sites | Raftrek Travel Blog
4. Stari Grad (Hvar) Plain (2008)
5. The Cathedral of St. James in Šibenik (2000)
Croatia Unesco World Heritage Sites | Trogir | Raftrek Travel Blog
6. Historic City of Trogir (1997) 
7. Old City of Dubrovnik (1979)
Climate in Croatia | Dubrovnik view | Raftrek Adventure Travel Croatia

Dubrovnik view

8. Stećci (Medieval Tombstone Graveyards)
9. Venetian Works of Defense between the 16th and 17th Centuries: Stato da Terra – Western Stato da Mar
10. Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe

Therefore together with the tradition, folklore, art scenes and music, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites make Croatia a unique and exotic place to discover. We invite you to read more about how to spend a week in Croatia and jet visit all the best-preserved sites and enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities. Follow our blog for more!

Source: *Some photos were taken from the internet sites and the list is in guidelines with the World Heritage Site: Croatia

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