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Experience an exciting range of different landscapes

We hope you find the category as an inspiration. Since the hostile war ended in 1996. Croatia is again a very safe country for travelers. A low crime rate makes it one of the safest places for visitors. Although a small country. Croatia has a rich variety of beautiful landscapes. Well-preserved natural areas from mountains to plains. While preserving its long and rich history.

Croatia is an inspiration

Together with the tradition, folklore, art scenes and music, therefore Croatia is a unique and exotic place to discover. Industry is not big here and it has had little impact on the environment. Therefore food is mostly organically grown and drinking water is of very good quality. Even water in rivers and wells is drinkable. While friendly, fun-loving people and their easy-going lifestyle will make your stay a very pleasant one.

People of Croatia

The people of Croatia are friendly, happy to help, and most social interactions are handled with a smile. True, they can also be abrupt, but that’s just the way of...