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Get to know Croatia

Let us write something about adventure in Croatia. For you to feel local about our beautiful small country for a great activity holiday. Get to know Croatia from a different angle. Feel local where mountains and the Pannonian plains come together in a unique blend of natural beauty. Within just over a hundred kilometers, you can experience an exciting range of different landscapes.

Adventure in Croatia is safe for travelers

Located in the South of Central Europe, Croatia is easy to reach by all means of transport: air, car, bus, train or ferry lines from most countries. Besides enjoying your favorite outdoor activities you will love other things as well.

People of Croatia

The people of Croatia are friendly, happy to help, and most social interactions are handled with a smile. True, they can also be abrupt, but that’s just the way of...

Why I love my job

Why I love my job? was the question to answer. They also share their passion and experience working in the traveling industry. You can trust our knowledge and attention to...