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Create Your Own Amazing trip

A holiday is much more than just a place you see, it’s also what you do. So to help make your Croatia tailor-made trip as memorable as possible, we are providing you a map for some additional inspiration. Hopefully, it will make you book your next adventures to provide unique experiences, which you can then add to your pre-planned itinerary.

Let’s try to narrow down your wishlist locations & activities with this visual map. Would you like to try yourself in activities that bring excitement, happiness, even a bit of fear and adrenaline rush? Ending up with a feeling of calmness and enjoyment in the beautiful gifts of nature? All this, and a little more, we can provide to you in reality. Far from the computer keyboard, away from your apartment and the verve of a city and with the guidance and expertise of experienced guides.

Map Your Croatia Trip

There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that are not found in any guidebook. Our primary goal is putting our small, yet beautiful country on the world map as an essential destination for adventure.

Taking Adventure Holidays in Croatia is a must! There has never been a better time than now, never a better way than this! Croatia, the place your friends are talking about! Join a small group, visit the best locations, and do the most exciting things!


How to book?

It’s very simple. Please send us an inquiry, we will help you do the rest. For any questions send us a quick inquiry, we will be glad to help and make your catamaran charter in Croatia easy and effective. We invite you to read our blog for more inspiration.


Withdraw from your comfort zone, even this moment and discover the most beautiful parts of Croatia. Raftrek is here for you. If you decide to take charter our catamaran we are here for you, feel free to contact us.

Map Your Croatia Trip | Jeep safari | Raftrek travel

Nika decided to join the Raftrek team in search of new adventures in her career. Her job within Raftrek connects her love for organization, traveling, culture and ethnology, with her curiosity. She will take care of every detail for you. She knows where you can drink the best coffee, where all the best-hidden beaches are, where that shortcut with that great view is or that beautiful mushroom that grows along the path. In the meantime, she spends time with her grandparents, taking notes on traditional ways of life.

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