the rock climbers' paradise


Rock climbing in Croatia as in the world is an activity in which participants climb up, down or across natural rock formations or even artificial rock walls. To successfully complete a climb, one must return to the base of the route safely. Croatia being a mountainous country, it is also a rock climbers dream. You can find everything from multi-pitch traditional routes, sports climbing to deep water soloing (DWS) and bouldering on glorious limestone rock.

Paklenica National Park is a phenomenal climbing spot making it the most famous rock climbing area within Croatia, located close to Zadar. Paklenica offers everything from single pitch bolted sports routes, to a multi-pitch sport and traditional routes. The dramatic 350m high face known as Anica Kuk emphasizes everything that is excellent about rock climbing.

“the rock climbers’ paradise“

The heart of Rock climbing in Croatia is the Croatian paradise known as one of the top European climbing areas. Paklenica is situated near Starigrad-Paklenica, by the sea. It is a place of outstanding natural beauty and a part of Velebit Mountain, which is a part of Dinaric Alps. The relatively small area was an abundance of exceptional diversity of geomorphologic phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature.

The North West region of Croatia, called Istria includes rock climbing around popular holiday destinations like Pazin, Pula, and Rovinj. There are over 700 sports routes here, which are mainly single pitch. Close by there is also an excellent crag at Osp in Slovenia, and further climbing around Trieste in Italy. This comprehensive region has a good mix of grades to suit climbers of all abilities.

Visit Croatia for some rock climbing

Kvarner, a region south of Rijeka, is the smallest climbing region in Croatia. Though there are some crags offering multi-pitch routes up to 185m long. The region of Dalmatia including Split also offers rock climbing on the islands of Hvar, Brac and Vis. Therefore offering over 800 mainly single pitch sports routes. The town Omis has some bolted multi-pitch routes up to 300m long. In the area, north and west from the capital town of Zagreb one can find a collection of crags. Mainly offering over 300 single pitch sports routes. The best time to visit Croatia for rock climbing is from April through late October.

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