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Follow Raftrek Adventure Travel Guides guides away from the beaten path and you’ll discover the unexpected. There’s a world of truth and beauty waiting out there that’s not found in any guidebook. Therefore travel with us and you’ll get to know Croatia like the back of your hand. You’ll plunge into different regions with access only resident guides can offer. Excellent people skills, responsible planning, preparation and conduction of activities, patience and talent of sharing local knowledge. Insight in Croatian communities is what all of them have in common.

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While experienced in traveling, mastering the local knowledge and highly educated. They will make you discover natural beauties, local culture and history of the place. Since good communication is essential to appreciate your holidays, we offer you English, German, French and Spanish speakers. And last, but not the least, our guides regularly take first aid courses and seminars on safety precautions for various types of activities. Most of Raftrek Adventure Travel Guides have an IRF (International Rafting Federation) license for different levels of white water as well. Therefore all you need to do is relax and have fun because you are in safe hands!

Borna Kačić


From an early age, Borna has always been on a bicycle. When he was 16, he travelled with a bike from Zagreb to Split. Since then, he has often been in motion. On a bicycle he travelled to the Dalmatian coast and islands (several times), Slovenia, Italy, Corsica, Albania, Montenegro, Greece, India… He spends a lot of time in the mountains and he is an experienced trekker who has Croatian mountains, the Alps, Bolivian Altiplano, Peruvian Andes and Patagonia in his foot soles. After ten years of traveling, his new passion is kayaking and rock-climbing. In between, he graduated in philosophy and history of religions at the University of Zagreb. So when he is not in motion, you can find him reading a book.

Daniel Pribanić


Koza (meaning The Goat), was born 31 year ago in a beautiful small town called Ogulin in the heart of Croatian mountain area. After he moved to Zagreb he obtained his graphic designer degree. For the last 12 years he has been a white-water rafting competitor, Croatian representative on 3 World Champs, 5 Euro Champs, couple of World Cups and many, many Euro Cup races. He started off as young river guide and fell in love with rivers, he paddled on over 80 rivers around the world. He is a proud owner of the International rafting guide class 3 certificate and mountain guide certificate. Above all, he is open-minded, creative and a lot of fun, but always putting safety first. He looks forward to beeing your guide and to showing you all the knowledge that he has gathered during all these years.

Valentin Markolini


Tino (a.k.a Markolini) is also a candidate for a modelling career in Raftrek. He is not just another student at the Kinesiology University in Zagreb, he is a very nice and hard-working guy. He enjoys his work very much and spends his free time sailing, snowboarding or having a beer with friends.



Slaven is a student at the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology at the University of Zagreb, but he feels more at home rafting down a river or hiking up a mountain. For the past few years he has been working as a guide, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. He is a member of the rafting team Končar, with whom he actively competes on both local and international level giving him invaluable experience of rafting on numerous technically challenging rivers.

Filip Orehovec


Philip Orehovec is from Cakovec and is currently finishing his studies in sports and recreation. His character description would be a philanthropist, an altruist with empathy. In his own words: “Working in such an environment with Raftrek is equal to freedom of the individual. Thank you and enjoy!”

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